Monday, December 7, 2015

Another High View Day: 400 Search Views at 8pm

Well, views from etsy search are not as high as yesterday, a sunday. That is expected.  But they are still pretty high.  I might reach 500 search views today.

Here at 8:10pm I have 400 views from Etsy search with 1,293 total views AND  468 favorites.

People are browsing my shop today and favoriting things.  I had more than 700 search views yesterday, but only 246 favorites.  That probably doesn't mean anything. lol.

4 orders today.  For low revenue.  But better than nothing.

So it was a productive day. I got 4 orders packed and shipped.  With many more to do in the next couple days.

And I bought a beautiful Paragon rose teacup for a low price compared to what it sells for on Ebay.

Not sure if I am allowed to post the pic of the item here, but here it is:

Back to work.

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