Sunday, December 6, 2015

"You should take up singing."

At times I have wanted to sing.  Although I never have.  At times just hearing a song in a store or on the radio or listing to a cd in the past I'd feel it in my heart that I would love to sing.    But a lot of people feel that way.  Many who can't sing.

So at the end of last october 2014 I was working at my garden job decorating outside for the coming house & garden tour.  I was thinking to myself that we should pay attention to the messages we get in our environment.  That the angels and God are working behind the scenes in our lives trying to help us.  And they give us messages in many ways.  That 'God speaks to us through our environment".

I then walked down to street level to work on something when the  man I work for, who was up at the front door said down to me, "You should take up singing.  The girls would be all over you." lol.

I just said "Yeah, that would be fun." and we both laughed.

I had never said anything to him about singing in the more than 3 1/2 years I had been working for him.

I took it as a message that I could sing.  And God knows how I love girls.  lol.

I didn't do anything about that message in this past year.

Here I am at nearly 50 years old and I have had other signs and messages in my life.  But I have never sang.

I won't sing.

I am going to waste it.

I know the angels gave me the message for a positive reason. But it is actually disappointing.  I never got any help as a boy to sing.  I missed out on singing in my youth.  I am not going to sing now.

I see many children and young people singing.  And they got help from the parents.  I never did.  What a waste.

I am at least glad I know about the gift.  I've suspected for some time.  Now I get to waste it.

Oh well.

I will write more later.....

Back to work with my vintage Etsy shop.

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