Sunday, December 6, 2015

"You should take up singing" Part 3

So after grade school I did not sing at all.  I only listened to music every day.  Which almost everyone does.

I had a clock radio next to my bed and I'd play it all the time.  Even going to sleep to it.

I never thought about singing in high school. Not even in my 20's.

In the 90's I called a country music station to request a song for a girl I liked.  When the DJ picked up I said, "I'd like to request a song.".
The DJ said, "Dude, you have an awesome voice!"

Then, about 4 years later in the spring of '98 I was working in landscaping, and we went to pick up a guy who was going to work for us that day.

It was that DJ.  He got fired from the country station and was going to move to Denver.

It was about when I was 30 years old when I started to think about singing and whether I had a voice for it.  I would still get the feeling some time when listening to a song that I would love to sing.  But I still didn't try to sing at all.

One day I was upstairs and my one sister was visiting.  She was downstairs with my mom.  I said a quick silent prayer to God, "If I can sing, you are going to have to let me know.".

After that I went downstairs to use the phone and my sister was sitting in the kitchen she did her play acting singing, "AAaahh".  "I have a good voice.  Don't I?"  And we laughed.

She came into me in the dining room and put a hand on the side of each of my shoulders and said, "You can sing!"  lol.

That was the answer to my prayer?

No matter.  I didn't do anything after that either.

More to come....

Back to work.

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