Monday, December 7, 2015

What a Crazy, Freaky High of 719 Search Views Yesterday!!

Wow.  I wonder what was going on yesterday????

I finished the 1st sunday in december with 719 views from Etsy search!!

And 2,289 total views.

With 9 orders.

How/why in the world did I get SO MANY search views???

A couple years ago I thought I'd never see 400 search views.  Then last year I reached 400 and even had a record high of 470.

I thought I'd NEVER see 500 search views.

This year I did it a couple times.   And it was because I had a couple hour surge of search views.

But yesterday!  It was steady views all... day... long.

One thing, I got views over night.
Probably international views.
For a while now, since my search views have dropped, my views drop at abotu 2am.
I have not been getting international views overnight.

But last night I did.
I had high views straight through the night.

I don't know what to say about so many search views actually.
I know I will never see this many again.

And it wasn't from one listing or one search term that I was getting the views.
In the past when I've had some high view days it was because I had a listing or two getting a high number of views.
Not yesterday.
I even sold my very popular radio last week.

AND....I am in for a HUGE drop in the next day or two.  Back in to the 200's and maybe 300's.

Time for bed.

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